About my company

My interest in plumbing started when my partner asked me to try and fit a kitchen sink. i enjoyed the challenge and started replacing items, like my outside pipework and bathroom sink in our home. I wanted to learn more and expand my knowledge in this field, so i decided to train to be a professional plumber.

I enrolled in college, doing a plumbing course and was taken on by a company when i completed the course. I developed a strong base of skills that allowed me to tackle almost any repair. Being a plumber primarily involves problem solving. I have always thrived in solving complicated problems by breaking down the different aspects of the problem and looking at it from a different perspective. This approach has allowed me to find success in determining problems with a customers plumbing. I am also well-versed in all the appropriate safety regulations for plumbing, which makes it easier for me to understand how to do things the right way. After a while a decided to go self employed and created this web page.


I have excellent customer service and communication skills that allow me to fit in emergency customers when needed.


I am just creating a portfolio to complete my gas safe which i have had full training on, i just need to sit my exams when this is completed.